Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hi there

Yep, been ages, been lots happening in this life of mine, but I at least don't feel bad not being here on this blog every day or every other day, as I told myself when I first started this blog, it was a place I could come and go whenever I felt there was time and I felt that I needed to write something..

At present if you follow me on my other blog HERE, then you will most likely know that I am currently on leave from work looking after my poor Mum who took a fall and broke her right wrist, sadly she is right handed, so of course she needs all the help she can until back on track again..

So being back at home on the farm has had some benefits, I miss being here at times, the quietness that surrounds me and not hearing the traffic, barking dogs, music blarring and lots of other things that seem to happen when you live in a town, this has been rather welcoming..the cons of being here, Mum, love her as I do, she is a person that usually never sits still, she wants things done like yesterday and at times has me running around all day long LOL, I also am missing my boys and seem to only get to spend one day a week with them both, so this at time is tough, but I cherish every moment we get..

I am enjoying time spent with Mum and I know that I will look back and know I made the right decision to help her out and spend the time making sure she was healed properly..

In having time at the farm there are some moments where we both sit in the sun on the front verandah and so I have been looking for something to read, my friend Teresa shared news with me that the new Grey's book was out..

I know this series was not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and so when I found out the writer of the originals was writing the book now in Christian Grey's eyes then I was happy to download and read..I am almost finished and I still find this book a great read as much as the originals..

Anyone else reading or read this? Would love to hear what you thought..

I will leave you with a beautiful capture of my Mum and our newest family member Bentley, as most of you know we lost our dearest boy Roly last year and it broke our hearts, but we have opened our lives and hearts to a new little one and one that is keeping us on our toes LOL...he is very loving and I just know as he grows he will continue to be more and more nurturing..

Will be back soon..


  1. Clearly Bentley takes after his person, joy. That really is a precious photo of them together. He has soulful eyes. And speaking of eyes, I just heard about this new book in the Grey series. Surprised it was already out there and being read. Since I didn't follow the entire series, I'm going to have to start and square one, but then, that's me all over, a day late and a dollar short. Treasure your time off with your Mom, you'll never regret it. Sending positive, healing thoughts for her recovery. Bye!

  2. Hello Joy, What two very adorable photographs! A big Welcome to Bentley - he is beautiful!
    Glad you're able to look after your mum - she be in the best possible care, hope she is soon recovered.:-)