Thursday, January 15, 2015

Summer Garden Crops!


Finally, time to leave some love on this blog again...

Summer is here full force at the cottage and so are my plants...

Just before Christmas I planted 2 tomatoes in a pot and have watched these grow and grow, they have gone from little babies to large plants that are now fruiting..

Each day I go and look to see if I see any colour changes on the tomatoes and I am still waiting patiently for the day I get to pick my own and know exactly where it has come from, when I cook my meals, the bounty these plants will give will be so good and I cannot wait to do this again this year..

The Basil below the tomatoes have served as 2 purposes, one as a deterrent to insects that attack these bushes, but has also given me not just the beautiful fresh smell of Summer but added texture and taste in my meals...some of the plants have almost gone to seed, so I have had to break off the stems in order to keep in flourishing..

One more thing that is flourishing in the kitchen garden, is my Italian Parsley, it is jumping out of the pot, to think the tiny 2 plants I planted has become so large, it is almost too hard to keep up, so nice on salads...

My hanging pots have almost seen the best of their days, so in the next week, it will be time for a hair cut and good feed to hopefully get one last burst from them, but they really have been a colourful spot on our back patio..

The kitchen garden is really making me want a much larger vege patch this year and I think I may need to do some sweet talking to the other half to see if we can :)

Where ever you are, remember there are always ways that you can grow your own and know that getting back to basics of knowing where your food comes is so rewarding..


  1. What a lovely little garden, Joy! I tried to plant my garden in Spring, but the dry weather with zero rain for months killed EVERYTHING. I'll try again next Spring. :-) I hope you get your bigger garden. ;-)

  2. Always love to see the bounty from the garden. Can't wait for our spring to put in our plants & the summer to reap the crop. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Wonderful post, Joy - I LOVE tomatoes, especially home grown ones (maybe I should grow some - LOL)!