Saturday, November 15, 2014

Right Now!

Hello peeps!

Back with a more positive post for you all...

Around blog land every now and then I come across blogs that share snippets of what is happening in one's life, these are normally called Currently...for me I thought I would give this a go and share mine, but calling it Right Now..

LOVING:  The rain today, both Darryl and I spent time with my Mum on the farm today and you could tell that we were to expect some rain, as driving home, the skies were beginning to open up and share the first drops of most needed rain.  If there is anything good to the dried off grass look around my part of the world is when the first rains hit them, the smell is so divine and fresh, something I love!

READING:  Although, not currently reading anything but some magazines, I am so looking forward to the next installment of the Crossfire collection written by Sylvia Day, being released on the 18th for this is not for everyone this series, but if you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey, then you will enjoy this collection of novels too..

DOING:  Taking out my camera and having some playtime taking some photos again, seeing as we were at the farm today, it was the perfect opportunity as I was able to capture these little babies in their nest...we call them Willie Wagtails out here in Australia and my Father would say to me when I was a young girl, listen to the call, he is singing, Pretty Little Creature, a memory I cheerish always :)

ENJOYING:  Funnily enough I am enjoying shopping online for Christmas presents, I love the fact that I don't have to go to the shops and deal with the crowds and the finding of car parks at such a crazy time of the year, this year I know I will have to visit just a couple of shops, but the stress of the whole purchasing of presents and having them delivered to my door is something I am enjoying immensely...

WATCHING:  I am currently watching a show based around an English program called River Cottage, I loved it when first released, now there is an Aussie version and although not for everyone, the River Cottage Australia is something that is inspiring me to do more of.. if you love to cook or enjoy watching chef's then you will love this, this isn't just about cooking though, it is about living a more sustainable lifestyle, growing ones own veg and breeding of animals, basically living off the land, I love this in so many ways, coming from the farm, I have so many of these aspects in me.  I like to know where my food originates and I think with all the big supermarket chains today, we can have a tendency to loose sight of that and in someways become lazy as it is so convenient...I am hoping with a new year next year, that Darryl and I can implement even just the growing of our own vegies in our backyard and knowing the hard work we put in, that we can benefit from seeing it grown then to plate..

THINKING ABOUT:  Right this minute LOL, I have a stack of dishes waiting for me to attend the clean up and yet wanting to ignore it just a little further... future thinking about, I received my December Memories from Gossamer Blue, thinking about attempting another December Daily, but just not sure how this will go, but in order to be prepared, I purchased the fabulous kit and it arrived safely on Friday, I have been oohing over it..

NEEDING:  There is not much I would really actually need right now, but if there was a little something, it would have to be, being able to get my craft room in order so it was a more inviting place to craft..

WANTING:  This week that has to be an easy one, I have been suffering from what I can only put down to right now, some sort of virus that is not making me feel completely okay right now, so wanting it to pass and quickly..



  1. Great post Joy! I totally agree with you re those first drops of rain, I cos smell it coming tonight too, it's soooo good!

  2. I'm so happy to see you enjoying some things in your life. Your extraordinary photography always makes me happy, so I was glad to get this post. Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

  3. Fab post, Joy - thank you for all the lovely photographs ;oP