Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where have I been?

Hello readers

You may ask the question as to where I have been and why the long absence on this blog??

So, so much in my life has gone from good to bad, back to good and in a lot of people around the world, for me and my family we have experienced health issues to loosing our dearly beloved Roly dog, that broke my heart into a thousand pieces..

I have struggled not having my boy around everyday, but I do know he was very loved and he is in a much better heart will always be with him..and I know that we both have room for another one in our lives, in time..

So it hasn't been the of not wanting to post here, but I was finding it hard to balance life, working, family, design work, health and every day general things...

I am hoping that I will be able to be here a bit more regularly.. I find that I have no pressure on this blog, that I can at times leave long absences if I need to, I need to remind myself of that commitment when I started this blog..

What other things are going on?  Well, lets see..

  • Work in general is always busy and active and I am grateful to have an income that pays my bills and allows me to purchase crafty goods when there is the spare cash :)
  • I have been working through some health issues and it is something that I am keeping close to my heart right now, my trust has been broken a few times, now I am a little more cautious as to how much I share and really this is all about a process of elimination for me and dealing with it, one day I may share that here..
  • Family life is always an up and down situation, but most of all I am grateful that they are in my corner and I am in theirs..I enjoy the beautiful times we all share together..
  • I have been on an organising binge, especially in my craft room and have been sharing sneak peeks of what has been going on, so if you want to follow me over there you can do so HERE..
  • I have an ironing pile that I cannot jump over, because frankly I loath to iron LOL..
  • Keep looking at my house and realising so much needs cleaning and looking forward to, that I can do more inside and outside..hoping to share more as I go along...
  • Enjoying Sunday's when I get to watch cooking shows on TV and relax with a cuppa, whilst surfing the net when ads are on :)

Playing catch up on a new series that is on our TV right now...

Honouring the Centenary of the commencement of WW1, ANZAC Girls is a moving new six-part series based on the unique, and rarely told true stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses serving at Gallipoli and the Western Front.

I have been really enjoying watching this show...

So for now, I will leave you with my catch up with you all and hopefully be back soon with more..

Have a fantastic day!