Friday, December 6, 2013

Summer Days!

So what do you do on days off??

Well you clean like a mad woman on your first day, cleaning like you haven't done in a long time, yep! that was the start of my first days off from work... happy that I pushed through on a humid, sticky, hot day, talk about not having to worry about doing exercise that day..

A storm rolled in that afternoon, allowing for a quiet afternoon and placing more Christmas decorations out..

Love this time of the year, just wish I lived somewhere where there was snow, that would make it all the more lovely..

But, I live in a climate that is hot and dry with Summer storms, when the rain hits the ground after a hot day and you can smell the grasses and see the steam rise off the ground...

The garden is normally let go through Summer, giving it a break to slow down over those hot months and take time to rejuvenate..

The Hydrangeas bloom through the Summer heat and the simple shade of the house seems to allow for protection of those beautiful petals..

Friends pop by for Summer drinks in the garden and share their Summer grown vegetables at times, today we were gifted with Fresh Green Beans...

Summer Days the warmest season of all!