Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Call the Midwife!


You know when a series on TV comes out and sometimes you just cannot get into, even though it does look good, it just seems either time will not let you sit and concentrate or it is one of those moments that you literally just cannot get into it...

Well with the Call the Midwife series, I was just like that the moment I first saw it on TV, I just could not seem to concentrate on the series, so eventually gave up..

But just this past week, I decided I would download it and watch, well I was glad I did, what a fantastic show..I am now onto watching series 2..

I just love the war time era and the strengths that these midwives, women and families of those era endued..

This series is based on a Novel and True Life story of the East End in London in the 1950's... 

To read more about the Novel you can HERE and more about the TV Adaptation HERE...

What are you all watching of late?


  1. I, too, absolutely love this show! Good choice!

  2. Thanks for the info...looks great. Love anything about this era.

  3. So glad you went back and re-tried it :) There is also a Christmas Special form last year - just in case.
    I was like that with Mad Men, finally persevered and ended up really enjoying it.

  4. I was a bit the same to start Joy but really got into it about half way through the first series and religiously followed it for the Christmas special and series two. It a great show.