Friday, September 13, 2013

Spring Rains!

 photo IMG_4241_zps4bba2ecb.jpg

Spring rains have arrived at the cottage today..the weather with it's slightly cooler temps have arrived, out weighing the unusual higher temps that have occurred this year, that makes me happy...the washing is hanging once again on the clothes airers making it look like a laundrette, but I don't mind..

I love when the rain arrives and it hits the grasses, flowers and plants that lie in my garden, the smell is so fresh and the new leaves on the trees seem to blossom even further, the flowers seem to turn their heads and earn their small bathe, a great time to capture photos with the greyness in the clouds..

The sad little lemon tree, is loaded with fruit ready to be picked and once again it is bountiful even though it struggles..time to squeeze the lemon and pulp and freeze ready to add to dishes...

The old rose opens it's buds and hangs over the bird cage with glee, sharing the beauty that it shares each year with it's only flowering...

This is what makes me happy in my garden...the Spring rain however brings loads of work to do, mostly weeding and getting the garden ready for the Summer heat that will wilt and dry off the garden...

Cooler temps means sitting with a nice cuppa and a biscuit, watching the rain fall out the french door windows..

These are my happy days!


  1. You may think your photos aren't great Joy, but I think they are amazing. These are fabulous. I love the mint biscuits ~ just had one with my cuppa tea after dinner! Like this new blog.

  2. Spring rains...aaaah. Such an inspiring time of year. In our neck of the woods, Autumn will rear it's head very soon with all its incumbent chores to accomplish in the garden. Still every season is a happy season. Your pics are gorgeous.

  3. I picked up a pack of these last week. I love them too:)

  4. Joy... silly question. What do you do with your lemon (& dishes)???
    I smiled that you are so excited about the rain. Here in Alaska..I feel that is all we ever seem to get (either in liquid or snow form) and it becomes quite dreadful!!
    I loved following your crafty journey and now will add this to the 'collection'!! Congrats on the new blog 'theme' : )