Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rain and Sunshine!

Happy Sunday

I woke this morning to a down pouring of rain, I love to lay in bed and listen to it hit the sheets of tin on the roof of the cottage...unfortunately, I could only spare a few minutes to do just that..with work awaiting my arrival, there was no laying there just relaxing..

The rain passed and driving home saw the clouds depart and the sunshine spread it's rays..

The sheets are nicely blowing on the clothes line and with the heat of the day it won't be long before they are brought in..

My Basil is starting to multiply and smell so good, I cannot wait to pick the shiny green leaves and add to my cooking...


Our bird Squawker, (galah) likes to talk as I meander around the garden, he also performs is normal trick of putting his wing around the nap of his neck and burrow his head, silly bird :)


The afternoon, of watching BBC cooking shows and relaxing, Roly snores on his mat and Darryl reading the paper seems to me to be a blissful Sunday afternoon....

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  1. Sounds like basil is winding down now but it certainly provided a lot of flavor this past summer. BTW, gorgeous bird...does he talk too?