Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yep that is right, officially on a 3 week holiday break!! Excitement!!

Knowing the fact that I don't have to always keep to a time schedule where work is concerned is relaxing in itself :)

So what's a girl to do on holidays, well lots know all those little jobs you keep putting off and the cleaning that you only ever get to doing the basics of, well that is me in a nutshell, trying to get at least some of it done..

I know that I have set myself a huge task at hand, but I will try to accomplish some of what I have set out..

There is also always time for some down time and relaxation and well the first week, that is what it is all about..

My bestie and I are headed to Melbourne for a girly week!!


Leaving the guys at home and taking off to have a fun time, we will stay with my family the first couple of nights and then make our way to the hills above Melbourne and stay in a beautiful 2 bedroom house in the Dandenongs..





We will be most likely be hitting some winery's on the way home also...


I will be on Instagram if you care to follow along on our little get away..

More about my trip when I return..


  1. Sounds wonderful!! Have a great time .:)

  2. I'm officially envious...Melbourne looks beautiful and the house you're renting is lovely...will you adopt me for 3 weeks. Seriously, I hope your holidays are spectacular and fun.

  3. Have an awesome time Joy. Try and put your worries to one side for just a few days.

  4. OH my, how simply WONDERFUL!! Hope you're having an absolute ball - the photographs are gorgeous :)

  5. hope you are having a wonderful time