Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yep that is right, officially on a 3 week holiday break!! Excitement!!

Knowing the fact that I don't have to always keep to a time schedule where work is concerned is relaxing in itself :)

So what's a girl to do on holidays, well lots know all those little jobs you keep putting off and the cleaning that you only ever get to doing the basics of, well that is me in a nutshell, trying to get at least some of it done..

I know that I have set myself a huge task at hand, but I will try to accomplish some of what I have set out..

There is also always time for some down time and relaxation and well the first week, that is what it is all about..

My bestie and I are headed to Melbourne for a girly week!!


Leaving the guys at home and taking off to have a fun time, we will stay with my family the first couple of nights and then make our way to the hills above Melbourne and stay in a beautiful 2 bedroom house in the Dandenongs..





We will be most likely be hitting some winery's on the way home also...


I will be on Instagram if you care to follow along on our little get away..

More about my trip when I return..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rain and Sunshine!

Happy Sunday

I woke this morning to a down pouring of rain, I love to lay in bed and listen to it hit the sheets of tin on the roof of the cottage...unfortunately, I could only spare a few minutes to do just that..with work awaiting my arrival, there was no laying there just relaxing..

The rain passed and driving home saw the clouds depart and the sunshine spread it's rays..

The sheets are nicely blowing on the clothes line and with the heat of the day it won't be long before they are brought in..

My Basil is starting to multiply and smell so good, I cannot wait to pick the shiny green leaves and add to my cooking...


Our bird Squawker, (galah) likes to talk as I meander around the garden, he also performs is normal trick of putting his wing around the nap of his neck and burrow his head, silly bird :)


The afternoon, of watching BBC cooking shows and relaxing, Roly snores on his mat and Darryl reading the paper seems to me to be a blissful Sunday afternoon....

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Spring Rains!

 photo IMG_4241_zps4bba2ecb.jpg

Spring rains have arrived at the cottage today..the weather with it's slightly cooler temps have arrived, out weighing the unusual higher temps that have occurred this year, that makes me happy...the washing is hanging once again on the clothes airers making it look like a laundrette, but I don't mind..

I love when the rain arrives and it hits the grasses, flowers and plants that lie in my garden, the smell is so fresh and the new leaves on the trees seem to blossom even further, the flowers seem to turn their heads and earn their small bathe, a great time to capture photos with the greyness in the clouds..

The sad little lemon tree, is loaded with fruit ready to be picked and once again it is bountiful even though it struggles..time to squeeze the lemon and pulp and freeze ready to add to dishes...

The old rose opens it's buds and hangs over the bird cage with glee, sharing the beauty that it shares each year with it's only flowering...

This is what makes me happy in my garden...the Spring rain however brings loads of work to do, mostly weeding and getting the garden ready for the Summer heat that will wilt and dry off the garden...

Cooler temps means sitting with a nice cuppa and a biscuit, watching the rain fall out the french door windows..

These are my happy days!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hi there

Wondering why the new blog and of course the new journey??

Question that I have been contemplating for a little while now..

If you are a follower of my crafty blog, Simple by Design then you will know who I am and what my crafty passions generally consist of, but if you are new here or just found this blog then Welcome!!

Definition of rambling..

ram·ble (rmbl) intr.v. ram·bled, ram·bling, ram·bles 1. To move about aimlessly. See Synonyms at wander. 2. To walk about casually or for pleasure. 3. To follow an irregularly winding course of motion or growth. 4. To speak or write at length and with many digressions. 

The third definition generally sums up the questions that I have asked myself!

You may ask, why not blog about these things on my crafty blog, well sometimes I like to just ramble and share different things apart from my crafty passions and so got me to thinking that I felt this would be another avenue for me to share possibly other passions I have, like photography that frankly I still suck at sometimes, or my garden that has it woes and maybe it's own growth and changes, life's adventures with our dog Roly, sharing of recipes, sharing of pins that I have pinned from Pinterst, so may different miniscule pieces of my life and it's is like keeping a diary in one way, however, I have never really been the type to keep a diary, always fearing that someone would read my inner thoughts...

This is more of a place for different ramblings as opposed to creating a card and sharing it with you all, the whole reason for separation, sometimes I feel as though I want to possible ramble and share everyday silly life moments for days on end and not share a creation, so this place is a new avenue for me to do just that..

The new journey on this blog I am excited about, I am excited to share with all of you around the world, the different life that you may not see as you live in a different country, the general life of a rambler in a cottage..

The whole reason for the name of this blog, I live in a cottage and at times I will ramble..

Another reason for starting this blog, well really it was the push I needed to get started, was last weekend, having a lazy weekend, I was watching TV and came across a BBC show called The Edible Garden...I instantly was drawn to it, it was an awesome show!


It got me pinning over at Pinterest...

 (source - here, here, here, here)

Most of all it got me excited to start another blog and what I can share with you in a different space in the blogging world..

I hope you will pop in every now and then like I will and read the ramblings of cottage life and life's journey..

Until next time!